If you ever want to get a feeling of how intricately the world is connected, and take the temperature of the health of globalization, you can do worse that spend a few minutes and watch people come and go and a busy hub airport, especially on that is not in the US, EU, UK, China […]

The unravelling of globalisation seems to continue to gather pace. Everywhere you look, there are signs of fragmentation as world trade fractures into different blocs. China has announced it will phase out US chips from Intel and AMD in government servers and computers. This follows on from the US banning the export of certain types […]

It’s never an easy phone call to make. I had called earlier in the day warning my client that we were expecting bad news, and now I was disturbing his lunch to confirm it. The buyers could not lift their subjects, the business they had in mind for the ship had not materialised at the […]

It had all the hallmarks of a great idea talked about over a long lunch in the City by no doubt very intelligent people nonetheless hampered by ignorance. You can almost imagine it, in some fine dining establishment in the self-styled Maritime Capital of the World, the City of London: “So let’s see. If the […]

Like many very good – and very bad – ideas it started with a lunch. I had gone to see George Mangos, and his brother Christos, of the Interunity Group to brainstorm a little bit before the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Annual Forum last November. George and I had not seen each other for a […]