“That’s Kenilworth Castle, and beyond that, the city you can see is Coventry,” I said. “You seem to know a lot about it,” my fellow passenger said. “Yes, I do, I suppose,” I replied. “I was born and grew up there.” My fellow passenger – a very friendly and agreeable man from Crete – and […]

I’ve always had a nagging feeling that systems, process and efficiency – and by extension, self-discipline, and focus – are overrated. Obviously in ship management, these are essential for the safety of ships and those that are on them. I am in constant awe of how companies with many ships at sea efficiently and safely […]

The troubling news that Kim Jong Un of North Korea will meet Vladimir Putin in the coming days to discuss selling ammunition to Russia made me start thinking of the possible complications this could lead to, both in the Ukraine and in and around the neighbourhood of North Korea. I found myself searching my brain […]

Wine is a central part of my life. Even just writing this seems like a guilty admission, but even if it makes me sound like an alcoholic – functioning or otherwise – I don’t care. Of course there are many other things in my life that are important, but I don’t think our identities should […]

It was a post on my LinkedIn feed – hidden between the useless life-affirming and inspirational quotes that are supposed to energise our days – that triggered a thought process that is only now reaching some sense of a conclusion, if it can be called that. The thought process was all about finding an answer, […]