I’ve been out and about a fair bit recently, both in Athens and in Hamburg, and so have had the opportunity to have long and interesting conversations with many different people about one thing and the other. One theme that keeps coming up however is the generation gap, where older, and not so old people […]

I have been thinking about what word to use about my current frame of mind. Sceptical is no good, because most of my Greek friends will think I am just being thoughtful (σκεπτικός) whereas perhaps what I mean is δύσπιστος, which doesn’t really have a translation into English, at least as far as my limited […]

Leafing through the recent OECD economic outlook, I came across a rather alarming scenario, albeit theoretical. It said that a one-year decline of 3% in domestic demand (relative to baseline) would result in, amongst other things, a reduction of world trade volumes by 1.25%. If, however, the slowdown was accompanied by tighter global financial conditions then […]

The human brain is an astounding organ. There is nothing close to it in the animal kingdom in terms of size, power and utility. There is also nothing close to it in terms of man-made substitutes, although it could be argued that at least the super-computer Frontier, the latest leader in the pack, is predictable […]